Portrait of George Borrow

Cosas de los Ingleses by Antonio Giménez Cruz

Cover of Cosas de los Ingleses by Antonio Giménez Cruz CRUZ, Antonio Giménez. ¡Cosas de los Ingleses! La España vivida y soñada en la correspondencia entre George Borrow y Richard Ford. Madrid: Editorial Complutense, 1997. Paperback. ISBN 84-89784-07-8.

This gives an absorbing account of Borrow’s friendship with the great Hispanist and connoisseur Richard Ford, author of the Hand-book for Travellers in Spain and Readers at Home, published by John Murray in 1845. It includes Spanish translations of all the surviving correspondence between Ford and Borrow, as well as a detailed study of their time in Spain, in Ford’s case from 1830 to 1833, and in Borrow’s case from 1836 to 1840. It includes numerous illustrations of Spanish scenes.