Crónicas Ibéricas. Tras los pasos de George Borrow, vendedor de biblias en el siglo XIX. David Fernández de Castro

Cover of Cronicas Ibéricas After reading The Bible in Spain, David Férnandez de Castro, a Catalan journalist working in Madrid, decided to go and see how much Spain had changed since the times of George Borrow.  Whilst Spain is not in a civil war, as it was in Borrow’s time, recent separatist tensions have emerged in Spain and David was keen to contrast the two.

David had many struggles with the public transport system in Galicia (he was totally unaware of the vagaries of Galician public transport), but he managed to visit many Borrovian places in Spain, and the book reflects David’s journey in modern Spain, just as much as it retraces Borrow’s journey.

A full review of the book by Peter Missler is given in the George Borrow Bulletin series 1, number 39, together with a very funny talk by Peter about how he came to know David, and the trials David endured.

David Fernández de Castro, Crónicas ibéricas (Barcelona: Altaïr, 2008), pp. 295, € 15.  ISBN 978-84-936220-1-5.