In addition to George Borrow’s main works published during his lifetime, and the translations, he produced the following:

Celtic Bards, Chiefs and Kings

This book, reconstructed by Herbert Wright and published in 1928.  It contains the bulk of George Borrow’s lengthy essay The Welsh and Their Literature, followed by an unpublished portion that was found in manuscript after George Borrow’s death.  We have a brief page giving more information.

Celebrated Trials

In 1825 George Borrow, working for Sir Richard Phillips, completed the six volumes of Celebrated Trials and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence from the Earliest Records to the year 1825.   This was the work George Borrow that appears in Lavengro as Newgate Lives and Trials.


The main collection of George Borrow’s letters is The Letters of George Borrow to the Bible Society, published in 1911 by T. H. Darlow.  Extracts from many letters were also published by William Knapp’s Life, Writings and Correspondence of George Borrow.  A few letters were also published in Thomas J. Wise’s series of pamphlets.