Portrait of George Borrow

Zoom meetings, 10th February 2021

A few months ago our member Catherine ran a Zoom meeting for members of the Society.  More Zoom meetings were arranged and members are more than welcome to join in: our membership secretary has emailed out the details for those wishing to participate.

It’s an informal discussion and so far the group has discussed George Borrow’s Lavengro, starting at chapter 1.  If there are any members without a copy of Lavengro who would like to join in, various editions are freely available online, which you can download to your computer, eBook Readers etc.  See our free eBooks link.

Quite a few members are discussing George Borrow’s ancestry at the moment (not surprising if they are reading the early chapters of Lavengro), so we’ve put up some brief notes on our website.  None of us are experts though, and everyone is welcome to participate.

If you’d like to take part in the Zoom meetings but aren’t a member you are more than welcome to join the Society — currently it’s free.