George Borrow has hundreds of characters in his main books (Lavengro, Romany Rye, Bible in Spain and Wild Wales), many drawn directly from life (although sometimes with a name change to disguise their true identity), and as well as characters whose origins are hotly disputed in Borrovian criticism.

The following is are the main characters from the works, although many others exist and the lists are far from comprehensive.  Real people who appear as such are excluded and listed under Friends or Family.


The Man in Black

Rev. Platitude

Francis Ardry

The Apple seller of London Bridge

Isopel Berners


Jasper Petelengro

Mrs. Hearne

Peter Williams

The Postillion

Flaming Tinman

Romany Rye

Ostler (from the Inn on the Great North Road)

Chinese Student

Jack Dale

The Hungarian

Lord Whitefeather

Bible in Spain

Benedict Mol

Antonio (the Gypsy)

Maria Diaz

Antonio Buchini

Wild Wales

John Jones

Father Toban

Irish Fiddler

The Man in Grey

Johanna Colgen

Tom Jenkins