Other people

These are so many people connected with George Borrow — it’s difficult to find a classification for our people Web pages.  As such, this page will hold links to people who don’t fit in other places.

Boswell, Riley, gipsy king of Yorkshire whose biography Borrow gave in Romano Lavo Lil, ended up living in the Potteries, Notting Hill.  Borrow spelt it Bosvil.

Cooke, Robert, partner of John Murray III., friend of Borrow.

Cooper, Charlotte, the Gypsy of Wandsworth.

Cooper, Jack, also known as Cooper the Gypsy, husband of Charlotte Cooper the Gypsy of Wandsworth.

Cooper, Thomas, real name of Cooper the Gypsy.

Cunningham, Rev. Francis, rector of Pakefield then Vicar of Lowestoft, friend of Borrow who got him the position with the Bible Society.

Hake, Alfred Egmont, son of Dr. Hake, who wrote two articles giving recollections of George Borrow in 1881.

Herne, Thomas, old gipsy living in the Potteries, West London, visited by Borrow on 22 June 1863 with the encounter recorded in Romano Lavo Lil.

MacOubrey, William, the Irish M.D. and Barrister who married Borrow’s step-daughter Henrietta Clarke.

Murray, John III., 1808–1892, Borrow’s friend an publisher of his later works.

Oriel, Sarah, friend of the Borrow’s in Brompton.

Wandsworth Gyspies, and the visit of 1864

Watson, Mrs, “door dear”, mentioned in a letter from George to Mary, probably around 1858.  George Borrow and His Circle, page 380.

William Webber of Ipswich, the bookseller who purchased some of the George Borrow manuscripts