Lavengro Press Book Launch, Golden Lion, London, 5 August 2017

Members of the George Borrow Society have enjoyed Colm Kerrigan’s researches on George Borrow as they have appeared in the George Borrow Bulletin and been published by Lavengro Press.  Colm has for a number of years been working on a more thorough treatment of George Borrow’s time in Tipperary (1815–6) and after years of work the result has been published by Lavengro Press.  To launch the book and also celebrate Colm’s achievement friends and members of the Society met at the Golden Lion, King Street, London.  The book was on sale and a queue formed for Colm to sign them: not only does it make the book more treasured to have our friend’s signature on it, but as a few remarked, in a hundred years’ time it’ll add a bit to the resale value!

In discussing the book Ann explained how Colm had to put up with two exacting editors (herself and Clive): to which Colm replied that writing a book about George Borrow with the greatest living expert on Borrow as an editor, was a bit like writing a book Christianity and having God as an editor.  To which Tim noted that at least God doesn’t work Sundays!

More details of the book (which can be purchased online) at Lavengro Press.

A very pleasant meal was then enjoyed with the talk ranging over Ireland, Borrow and much more.  On a personal note I’m always surprised and delighted by how much you learn from others on these occasions: there’s not many places where a comment on the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography finds at least four contributors joining in.  Nobody is every condescending or arrogant, just keen to share their love of our great man Borrow.

Members of the George Borrow Society and friends at Colm
Kerrigan’s book launch at the Golden Lion, London, 5 August

The day was very sunny and afterwards everyone said their goodbyes and made their way on various errands and the journey home.

Extra Bit

The George Borrow Society have had a number of very pleasant meals in the upper room at the Golden Lion, and each time there’s a discussion about the portraits that are on display.  You’ll see one of them above: the person is holding a scroll with music on it and Hallelujah is written on it, so we think it’s a picture of Felix Mendelssohn.  Here’s a closer photograph if you’re interested:

Picture in Golden Lion—possibly Felix Mendelssohn?

It’s the other portrait that has everyone puzzled and nobody has yet identified it with certainty.  So, who is the person in the picture?

Picture in Golden Lion—unidentified person

We’re not sure that it helps, but the Golden Lion used to be next door to the St. James’ Theatre and the photographs in the same room are well known actors and those associated with the theatre.