The George Borrow Society Bulletin, Autumn 2010

Cover of the George Borrow Bulletin The Autumn 2010 George Borrow Bulletin is now out (Series 2, No. 1).

This is the first Bulletin of our second series.  It has a new look and continues the excellent material we’ve grown used to over the past 40 issues of the Bulletin, which are now known as Series 1.

The Bulletin covered the Society’s visit to Debrecen, Hungary in October 2010.  If you weren’t able to attend then not only can you read what our members saw and did, but also read the talks that were given.  There’s some very good photographs too.

Borrow being Borrow, there are lots of items on other places associated with him from Horncastle to the Dee, from Spain to Dunbar.  Something for everyone you might say.

Back copies of the Bulletin are available: see our link on the Bulletin on the left hand side of this page.

Finally, if your looking for a specific topic and need to know which Bulletins covered it (and an awful lot has been covered), you are best to click on our indexes, again to the left of this page.  The Series 1 Index covers all the Bulletins upto Spring 2010; with Series 2 covering all those from that date (including this one).

George Borrow Bulletin 2nd Series nº 1 (Autumn 2010)



Barrett, Kenneth

George Borrow in and on Asturias, 1837


Shepheard, Richard

Soul or Pysche: George Borrow and Peter Williams, Part 2



Missler, Peter

(1) The Merchant of Vigo, a note


Fiske, Ron

(2) Roger Allday Kerrison: His copy of George Borrow’s Romantic Ballads, a note


Keeton, Simon

(3) Under B for Borrow, a note


Floate, Sharon

(4) Jasper Petulengro’s Grave, a note


Hughes, Geraint

(5) Borrow at Chirk Castle, a note


Rawbone, Michael

(6) Borrow’s Romano Lavo-lil in later writings, a note


Price, David

(7) The Poet Parkinson, a note


Price, David

A note on copyright and a new British Newspapers website

Report and Proceedings of the George Borrow Society’s Meeting held in Debrechen, Hungary, 3–9 October 2010


Ridler, Ann M.

Report on the week


Ridler, Ann M.

Borrow’s journey to Eastern Europe in 1844


Hyde, George

The case of the Hungarian nobleman: Borrow and Hungary


Wilkins-Jones, Clive

Borrow and the Hunyadis


Torok, Zsuzsanna

Roma life in Hungary during the time of George Borrow’s travels


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