The current edition of the George Borrow Society Bulletin

Cover of the current George Borrow Bulletin The Autumn 2015 George Borrow Bulletin is now out (Series 2, No. 11) and members should have received their copy in November 2015.

There’s full coverage and photographs of our recent trip to Lisbon and Evora with Peter Missler studying Borrow’s travels, Simon Hopkins looking at the Jewish characters in The Bible in Spain, Ann Riddler looking more deeply at Borrow’s “airy and fantastic array” and Mike Skillman talking us through the visit accompanied by many photographs.  If you weren’t able to attend you’ll be able to experience a good deal of what took place.

There’s news on two recent excellent publications: Steve Gough’s reading of Wild Wales (available for free download) and Ivan Bunn’s book on Oulton: a page will appear on our Website soon, but having purchased a copy it comes highly recommended.

Our Christmas 2015 meal draws nigh: everyone coming should have let Trish know by now and we’re looking forward to meeting at the Hereford Arms on Saturday 5 December 2015.

A gentle reminder: subscription renewals are due 1st April 2016.

George Borrow Bulletin 2nd Series nº 11 (Autumn 2015)




Membership of the Society; Obituary

Recent events



(1) Visit to Portugal 13-18 April 2015, see report on pp. 51 ff


Gurney, Trish

(2) Visit to Llangollen 27 June 2015, a report


Ridler, Ann M.

(3) The John Clare Festival at Helpston, Northamptonshire, 11 July 2015, a report

Future events



(1) Biennial General Meeting, 24 October 2015



(2) Christmas lunch, 6 December 2015



(3) Visit to Anglesey, Wales, 13–15 May 2016



The George Borrow Society's 25th anniversary, 2016



Keeton, Simon

Borrow and the Bible in Lavengro

Notes and Queries


Peters, Timothy

(1) Wild Wales and Wild Claims? A note


Ridler, Ann M.

(2) William Mackay and his acquaintance with George Borrow, a note


Hitchcock, Richard

(3) A note in defence of Michael Scot


Gough, Steve

(4) George Borrow out loud, a note


Skillman, Kate

(5) Our A5 adventure, a note


Ridler, Ann M.

(6) Wrestling Jacob: Borrow and the Methodists, a note


Mawrus, Mark

(7) Jeremiah Grant, Highwayman, and Sergeant Bagg, a query







The Lavengro Press



Press Cuttings



Book Review


Ridler, Ann M.

(1) Ivan A. W. Bunn, George Borrow, Oulton and Beyond, reviewed



Borrow On-Line



A New Mobile Phone App



Borrow at Auction



Borrow First Editions for Sale


Ridler, Ann M.

Borrow Dreaming (1)

Visit by the George Borrow Society to Lisbon and Evora 13–18 April 2015


Skillman, Mike

(1) A report


Hopkins, Simon

(2) The Jews of Borrow's Portugal


Ridler, Ann M.

(3) A magic lantern show in fairyland, ending Chapter 6 of The Bible in Spain


Missler, Peter

(4) A Rubik's Cube on the Road, or From Lisbon to Madrid by way of Évora, Badajoz and Wonderland



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About our Contributors

Simon Keeton

Simon Keeton Simon R. Keeton was a young member of the Gypsy Lore Society and came across Borrow at about the same time, enjoying occasional linguistic and literary meetings with an older aficionado, who, apart from other support, lent him an inspiring book of old texts in Catalan.  He went on to study French and German at what is now the University of Wales and later an MA in Latin American Studies at Liverpool University.  After gaining a certificate in TEFL, he went to teach in Spain for many years before coming back to keep an eye on his parents!  During that time, he discovered the existence of the George Borrow Society and was sorry not to have found it earlier.  Simon also paints and plays the guitar at times.

Mike and Kate Skillman

Mike and Kate Skillman Mike and Kate Skillman became interested in George Borrow, his journeys and his works long before The George Borrow Society was founded.  It was following Borrow’s footsteps in Wales that they identified Dee Cottage in Llangollen as the house he stayed in while there in 1854 and described in Wild Wales.  On being invited in by the owner Gordon Pattinson they were told about the newly-formed society and Mike joined straight away.  Kate eventually joined too.  They are keen motor-caravanners and where feasible make use of local caravan sites to come to as many George Borrow Society get-togethers as possible.  Since joining they have made many Borrovian friends.

The photograph was taken in Madrid while on a George Borrow Society trip in 2009.