The George Borrow Society Bulletin, Spring 2011

Cover of the George Borrow Bulletin The Spring 2011 George Borrow Bulletin is now out (Series 2, No. 2).

The Bulletin covered the Sixth Memorial Fraser Lecturer by David Chandler on the elusive Joseph Sell book that Borrow gives an account of in Lavengro.  It’s been a topic solved many times, only for the solution to turn out to be very wrong (often in a humorous way) and David provided not only a history but many insights into what Borrow was doing.

We then have accounts of Borrow’s Norwich friend My excellent friend Rossi and Borrow’s translation into Manchu.  Peter Misler’s excellent book The Treasure Hunter of Santiago had come out and was reviewed.  Balancing that we had a review of Borrow’s Sleeping Bard, written when it was published.  That and lots of other odds and ends all new and only just discovered.

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George Borrow Bulletin 2nd Series nº 2 (Spring 2011)


Chandler, David

 “Born to be a great traveller”: Joseph Sell as Borrow’s Imaginary Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (the sixth Fraser Memorial Lecture)


Bawden, Charles

George Borrow’s Manchu Translation of the Second Homily


Kerrigan, Colm

Tomas Zumalacarregui and the First Carlist War


Rossi, Anthony

Rossi my excellent friend


Peltier, Jacqueline

(1)   Was Bizet’s Carmen a character from Borrow? George Borrow in France, a note


Keeton, Simon R.

(2)   Borrow and Abershaw, a note


Hentges, John

(3)   ‘Joseph Sell’—some further thoughts


Raywid, Brian

(4)   Lavengro and Jack Slingsby: the crucial encounter, a note


Burleigh, Richard

(5)   A speculation about the Phillips portrait of George Borrow, a note


Parry-Jones, Chas and Moughton, Chris

(6)   Borrow on Anglesey (Ynys Mon), a note from information provided by Chas Parry-Jones with additional photographs by Chris Moughton


Venturas, Chella

(7)   The Borrow Coat of Arms, a note


Bainbridge, John

(8)   A film about Borrow—The Broken Law, a query


Ridler, Ann M.

(9)   A modest bibliographical surprise: Borrow and Villaseca, a note


Giménez, Antonio

Peter Missler, The Treasure Hunter of Santiago, reviewed


Missler, Peter

Manuel Rivas, Books Burn Badly, reviewed


Burton, Dennis

Peter J. Conradi, At the Bright Hem of God. Radnorshire Pastoral, reviewed


Ridler, Ann M.

An important bibliographical discovery, a note from the Editor



Found in the press: Oulton Harvest Home, 1862, and a review of The Sleeping Bard, 1861


Price, David

Borrow On-Line—a Gutenberg update


Skillman, Mike



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