Accommodation in Shrewsbury

If you are going to attend the George Borrow Society weekend in Shrewsbury, 26th–28th October 2018, this page contains some information about possible places to stay.  All of the events for the weekend will take place in Shrewsbury Town Centre, which isn’t very big and you’ll be within a few minutes’ walking distance of the events if you book accommodation in the town centre.  One thing to note is that Shrewsbury is built on a hill with some short but step roads coming from the north (Castle Street from the railway station) and the East (Wyle Cop from the English bridge): places that require a walk up a step hill are noted.

All of these are just suggestions, we haven’t tried any of them for accommodation.

The Tourist Information website has a fuller list and more information.

Before you ask: the hotel where the Borrows stayed, the Crown Inn, was demolished over a 100 years ago!

If you have your own transport there are quite a lot of hotels, B&B’s etc. outside the town centre but parking in the Town Centre is limited and public transport not as frequent as you might expect.  There are places within a 15 minute walk of the Town Centre so the fitter ones amongst us might prefer them.

If you’re arriving by train with luggage there are taxis outside the station (which has lifts), but if you don’t mind the walk, you can get to most of them within 10 minutes: Castle Street is a good uphill walk.

Larger Hotels

Being mainly in the Town Centre these will all have limited parking, and most charge for it.

The Lion Hotel

Reported to be fully booked for the weekend: sorry!

Wyle Cop, SY1 1UY.  From £98.  Tel. 01743 353107,

The Prince Rupert Hotel

Very central hotel, with a modern entrance but parts of the building are very old indeed.

Butcher Row, SY1 1UQ.  From £95.  Tel. 01743 499955,

The Premier Inn

Large modern building from the well-known hotel chain: overlooking dual carriageway and river.  It is uphill to the town centre (less than 300 metres) but not too step.

Smithfield Road, SY1 1PG.  From £42.  Tel. 0871 527 9402

The Lord Hill Hotel

A more modern large hotel which is a good walk (about 10 minutes and last bit up Wyle Cop hill) from the Town Centre.  The buses do run past it but aren’t that frequent: hotel could advise.

Abbey Foregate, SY2 6AX.  From £65.  Tel. 01743 232 601

The Holiday Inn Express

This is a good way out of the Town Centre and you’d need your own transport.  You’ll need to Google it as it’s on their corporate website.

Shrewsbury Business Park, SY2 6LG.  From £59.  Tel. 0871 510 1382

Travelodge (Bayston Hill)

A good way (2 miles) south of the town centre so you need your own transport.

Bayton Hill Services, SY3 0DA.  From £64.  Tel. 08719 846103. 

Travelodge (Battlefield)

A good way (3 miles) north of the town centre: we’ll be visiting Battlefield on Sunday morning which is historic, unlike the Travelodge!

Battlefield roundabout, SY4 3EQ.  Tel. 08719 846120

Albrighton Hall Hotel

Four miles out of Shrewsbury and you must have your own transport.

Ellesmere Road, SY4 3AG.  From £55.  Tel. 01939 291000

Medium Sized Hotels etc.

Shrewsbury has an awful lot of these in the town centre: many are “boutique” and as most of the Town Centre is old buildings they all look very fine places.

The Shrewsbury Hotel

Actually a Wetherspoon’s with rooms.  It’s down by the river and about five minutes walk from the town centre, up a gentle slope.  Might be a bit noisy Saturday evening.

Bridge Place, SY1 1PU.  From £69.  Tel. 01743 236203

Cromwell’s Inn

Wine-bar setup with restaurant and rooms.

Dogpole, SY1 1EN.  Tel. 01743 361440

The Golden Cross

Not many rooms and former pub.  Up market restaurant and one minute’s walk from the Old Post Office where we are meeting Saturday morning.

Princess Street, SY1 1LP.  Tel. 01743 362507

The Lion and Pheasant

Very stylish up-market hotel near English bridge.  Note this is at the bottom of Wyle Cop and it’s a step but short walk up to the town centre.

Wyle Cop, SY1 1XI.  From £115.  Tel. 01743 770345

Morgans—The Exchange Hotel

Former pub. (I think) but with very attractive modern decor, more like a wine-bar.

Bellstone, SY1 1HU.  From £55.  Tel. 01743 231199

The Old Post Office

We’ll have our Saturday morning meeting here: it’s a really old inn with a pub. downstairs: might be a bit noisy on Saturday night as the pub. is popular.

Milk street, SY1 1SZ.  From £35.  Tel. 01743 236019.

The Bull Inn

Just down from the Prince Rupert Hotel and in the middle.  A pub. with rooms.

Butcher Row, SY1 1UW.  From £50.  Tel. 01743 344728.

St. Nicholas

Converted church just a short walk up from the railway station, and a slight walk up to the Town Centre.  Overlooks the Castle and Library and is very attractive.

Castle Street, SY1 2BQ.  Tel. 01743 588110.

The Station Hotel

Opposite the railway station and at the bottom of Castle Street so a short walk up hill to the town centre.  Cannot find any contact information: may no longer be a hotel (there’s a cafe/bar open downstairs.)

Castle Foregate, SY1 2DJ.  Tel.

Ye Olde Bucks Head Inn

Over the Welsh bridge in Frankwell, about 10 minutes walk from town centre.  It’s an old inn with a traditional pub downstairs.

Frankwell, SY3 8JR.  From £40.  Tel. 01743 369392.

Darwin’s Town House

No, he didn’t live there, but he was from Shrewsbury so you cannot escape him!  Nice Georgian Town House.

St. Julian’s Friars, SY1 1XL.  From £90.  Tel. 01743 343829.

Smaller BB’s

You might be best doing an Internet search for Shrewsbury bed and breakfast.  Below are a few from the Tourist Information, but most only have a few rooms and so will book up quickly.

Anton Guest House

Round the back of the Abbey, about ten minutes walk from the centre, up Wyle Cop.

Canon Street, SY2 5HG.  From £45.  Tel. 01743 359275.

College Hill

Middle of Shrewsbury but up a slight hill: no website.

College Hill, SY1 1LX.  From £26.  Tel. 01743 365744

Hambrook House

In Kingsland which is across the river to the south and up the hill.

Kennedy Road, SY3 7AD.  From £85.  Tel. 01743 365456.