Publications of the George Borrow Society and others

Items published by the Society

For many decades the George Borrow Society published the George Borrow Bulletin which had a great reputation for scholarship and Borrovian interest.  This was down to members who carried out years of research, wrote about their findings, and, probably most of all, the energy and high academic standards of our editor, Dr. Ann Ridler.  Copies of the Bulletin are deposited with the British Library, see our Bulletin webpage for other ways to obtain copies.

Following Ann’s death the Society have decided to publish an electronic newsletter, emailed to members.  It’s not intended to be such a scholarly publication as the Bulletin, but nevertheless members continue to make new discoveries about Borrow and these are included, together with news of what the Society is doing.  Being electronic we’re also taking the opportunity to include articles that members probably won’t have seen before.

Whilst not part of the Society as such, Lavengro Press, lead by Dr. Ridler and Dr. Wilkins-Jones, produced a whole serious of Borrvian booklets, see our webpage on Lavengro Press for more information, and how to obtain copies.

The annual meetings of the Society always feature lectures and talks, and these were mostly written up in the Bulletin.  We have an page with the contents of every Bulletin and also a thematic index if you wish to check what appeared.  Some meetings also produced their own materials, such as Dr. Ridler’s transcriptions of George Borrow’s notebooks.  These are typically mentioned in the Bulletin articles, but copies were only available to those attending.