Portrait of George Borrow

The George Borrow Society

The George Borrow Society was founded in July 1991 to promote knowledge of the life and works of George Borrow (1803–81).  Meetings are usually held each year, usually either close to the date of Borrow’s birth (5 July) or in Autumn.  The pattern varies but may include the reading and discussion of papers, visits to sites connected with Borrow, and related social activities.

Everyone is welcome to join the Society.

Chair: Trish Gurney

Secretary: Michelle Zal

Treasurer: Michael Skillman

Newsletter editor: Pete Ansell

Other roles: Alison Barrett, Ken Barrett, Catherine Bayliss, Tim Lannon, David Price

Recent events etc.

June 2021

Due to Covid-19 we are not currently running events and don’t think any events will be organised in for this year.

A St. Mary the Boltons research note

February 2021

A general news catch-up is available.

Join in the Zoom meetings

January 2021: Borrow’s relations

After a few queries some information and sources on George Borrow’s relations and ancestors is now available

December 2020: Christmas Newsletter

Our Christmas 2020 was sent to members.

November 2020: Newsletter

Our November 2020 newsletter was sent to members.

Join a friendly international group on Zoom to discuss a short section of George Borrow’s Wild Wales, about a journey Borrow made in the 1850s.  Tuesday, November 10 (7 pm UK, 2 pm US East, 11 am US West). Discussion will centre on chapters 6–9, beginning in Llangollen. Register at Zoom. See links and electronic editions listed at our website.

October 2020: Zoom and Wild Wales

Our member Catherine is going to put on a Zoom event on Wild Wales which everyone is welcome to join.

June 2020: May 2020 newsletter

Our May 2020 newsletter has been sent to members, plus the answers to the picture competition.

May 2020

Oops, had forgotten to make Mary’s account book for Shrewsbury available.

A newsletter for May/June is being produced, email David Price if you’d like to contribute.

A rare Borrovian book by George Bickers is now available.

February 2020: Newsletter

Our February 2020 newsletter was emailed to members in late February.

If you prefer a bit.ly link for the Zoom registration page, it’s bit.ly/2HVimlt.

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For events that happened further back please see our past events page.