Portrait of George Borrow

George Borrow: A Bibliographical Study, by Michael Collie and Angus Fraser

It’s been the destiny of this book to become so important and so familiar to Borrovians that it’s hardly ever called by its real title, but instead is simply known as “Fraser and Collie”.  If you ask a Borrovian about a particular edition of Lavengro, the answer is “... see Fraser and Collie ...”

The late Professor Michael Collie was an expert on George Borrow, as was Sir Angus Fraser, and in this bibliography they sought not only to list George Borrow’s books, but also the story of how they came to be.  As such it’s much more than a dry list of publication dates, edition variations, etc.

Note that the book is the definitive bibliography of George Borrow, greatly extending (and correcting the mistakes of) Thomas J. Wise’s 1914 bibliography.  The book is out of print so see our out of print books page for advice on obtaining a copy.

 [BORROW, George]. COLLIE, Michael and FRASER, Angus. George Borrow, A Bibliographical Study. Winchester: St Paul's Bibliographies, 1984