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George Borrow’s main works are in print (see below), but the bulk of his works are not.  Copies can be acquired in second-hand bookshops—see our a page which gives some pointers on how to obtain out of print books.  Alternatively, contact Graham York Rare Books—he’s a long established book dealer who specialises in George Borrow.

Project Gutenberg has free electronic copies of almost all George Borrow’s works which you can download to your PC, Kindle etc.  See our list of free Borrovian books.

The following is a far from complete listing of Borrovian books from recent times.  There’s more detail (including ordering information) on the “Read more”.

Wild Wales Audio Book
by Steve Gough

Steve, as part of the LibriVox project, has made an audio recording of the whole of Borrow’s Wild Wales which is now available to download for free. Steve has also written about his experience in producing the reading for the Autumn 2015 BulletinRead more (and download).

Wild Wales app
by Dan Boys of audioTrails.co.uk

Inspired by Borrow’s Wild Wales, Dan has produced an “app” (available from the Apple Store) which allows the modern-day enthusiast to follow Borrow’s journey, compare images from Borrow’s time with today, take photographs and share with friends etc.  Read more....

George Borrow CD’s
by John Hentges

John has recorded four CD’s of his readings from George Borrow.  Passages include favourites such as The Wind on the Heath, The Ecclesiastical Cat and many more.  Read more...

A Daring Game
by Peter Missler

A detailed account of Borrow’s publication and distribution of the Scio New Testament in Spain, in 1837–1839.  Contains everything you can think of, including how many Testaments a donkey can carry!  Read more...

The Treasure Hunter of Santiago
by Peter Missler

Like an historical sleuth, Peter Missler traces the tale of Benedict Mol the treasure hunter through the mists of time and a smoke-screen of cover-stories. It is a fascinating saga which takes us to Portugal with looting French soldiers and into the wild mountains of Northern Spain with the brilliant polyglot George Borrow.  Read more...

Crónicas Ibéricas
David Fernández De Castro

Crónicas Ibéricas. Tras los pasos de George Borrow, vendedor de biblias en el siglo XIX. Badalona: Altaïr, 2008. Paperback.  Read more...

In the Footsteps of George Borrow
Guy Arnold

Guy retraces George Borrow’s famous journeys in Spain and Portugal.  Read more...

The Bible in Spain
George Borrow with an introduction by Peter Missler

Borrow’s famous account of his five years in Spain, introduced by the expert on George Borrow in Spain.  Read more...

George Borrow with an introduction by Richard Shepheard

The first part of George Borrow’s semi-autobiographical classic, introduced by an expert who has spent years researching this period of Borrow’s life.  Read more...

The Romany Rye
George Borrow with an introduction by Richard Shepheard

The second part of George Borrow’s semi-autobiographical classic, introduced by an expert who has spent years researching this period of Borrow’s life.  Read more...

Wild Wales
George Borrow with an introduction by Hugh Olliff

George Borrow’s classic and much-loved account of his walking tour of Wales in 1854, introduced by someone who has researched, travelled and photographed the same tour.  Read more...

Sir Angus Fraser: Books and Articles 1951–2001
Ann M. Ridler, Kathleen Cann

A checklist of the writings of Sir Angus Fraser, the late President of the George Borrow Society.  Read more...

George Borrow em Portugal
Introdução e Notas António Ventura

A translation into Portuguese of the first eight “Portuguese” chapters of The Bible in Spain with an introduction and notes.  Read more...

The Wind on the Heath in Slightly Foxed
Nicholas Bagell

Nicholas, once the literary editor of the Sunday Telegraph, wrote a short article on Borrow’s Lavengro for the literary magazine Slightly Foxed.

On Borrow’s Trail: Wild Wales Then and Now
Hugh Olliff

A beautifully illustrated book where Hugh Olliff follows in the footsteps of George Borrow’s Wild WalesRead more...

Cosas de los Ingleses
Antonio Giménez Cruz

An absorbing account of Borrow’s friendship with Richard Ford, author of Hand-book for Travellers in SpainRead more...

El Evangelio de San Lucas en Caló
ed. Alberto González Caballero

A modern printing of Borrow’s translation of the Gospel of Luke into Spanish Romani.  Read more...

George Borrow: Dingle Chapters
Barrie Mencher and Richard Shepheard

A reprint of selected chapters from Lavengro (1851) and The Romany Rye (1857) with an introduction by Barrie Mencher and a biographical monograph by Richard Shepheard.  Read more...

Letters to John Hasfeld (two books)
George Borrow edited by Angus Fraser

Letters shedding light on George Borrow and his friend of many years.  Read more...

George Borrow: A Bibliographical Study
Michael Collie and Angus Fraser

The definitive bibliography of George Borrow’s books, emphasising how each book came into being.  Read more...

George Borrow Eccentric
Michael Collie

Professor Collie’s biography of George Borrow. 

A World of his Own
David Williams

David Williams’ biography of George Borrow. 

A Journey to Eastern Europe in 1844
George Borrows letters edited by Angus Fraser

George Borrow’s letters written during his tour of Eastern Europe.  Read more...

George Borrow as a Linguist: Images and Contexts
Ann M. Ridler

A detailed study of George Borrow considered as a linguist.  The definitive work on Borrow and languages.  Read more...