Recent and Forthcoming Events

Note that we’re listing not only events put on by the George Borrow Society, but a pick of others that may be of interest to Borrovians.  If you’re interested in any of them please follow the links to get more details.  Members of the Society who are aware of suitable events should email David so they can be added.

until 28 September, Bishop Bonner’s Cottage Museum

The volunteer run museum in East Dereham has opened for the 2019 season, and it’s nice to see they are using a quote by George Borrow in their advertising!  Well worth a visit, and of course if you’re in East Dereham have a look at the church Borrow went to and other Borrovian sites.  You can also have a drink in the George Borrow pub.

until 31st October, Aberystwyth Ramblers

Apologies for not picking it up at the time, but these very civilized folk had a ramble which ended with cake at the George Borrow Hotel.  They have an on-going programme of walks which include some of the places George Borrow walked through in Wild Wales.

until 1st July, Churchill and Spain Exhibition

A free exhibition on Sir Winston Churchill and his associations with Spain is on at the Instituto Cervantes Manchester.  Churchill was a fan of George Borrow, including finding comfort in Borrow’s:

Fear not the result, for either shall thy end be a majestic and an enviable one, ...

Bible in Spain, Chapter 51.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also cited the same passage in his book Through the Magic Door.  Also see articles in the Bulletin.

June, John Hentges New CD

Our member John Hentges has made a new CD featuring the ballads translated by Borrow, put to music!  Members who remember the excellent singing of John and Heather Uden at our Brompton 2014 Christmas meal may like to know that some of the songs feature Heather too.  A proper page on this is coming...

June 21–29, Chester Heritage Festival

The Society’s 2019 meeting will be held at Chester in October, but if you’re keen on learning about the history of the city then there are over 60 events taking place in and around Chester.  In particular, the next one, which has a George Borrow link.

June 21, Chester Racecourse Tour

Not to steal the thunder from the Society’s October Chester weekend, but Chris Clayton will lead a walking tour of the racecourse, and they’ll be stories of local history, racing past and present.  The Irish travellers of Wild Wales were camped near the racecourse when Borrow visited the city.

July 5th, Borrow’s Birthday in Brompton

Everyone is welcome to join members of the George Borrow Society in laying a wreath on Borrow’s grave, Brompton Cemetery, on 5th July 2019.  For details see our Brompton 2019 webpage.

July 5–6th, Bristol Bookfair

Graham York, a specialist in George Borrow, has organised the PBFA Bristol Book Fair which will be taking place in Brunel’s Old Passenger Shed, just outside Bristol Temple Meads station.  In past years Graham and other dealers have had books by Borrow for sale, and lots of other interesting material.  It’s highly recommended.

October, Chester Weekend

We’re having problems with the exact dates for this: our original dates of 4th–6th overlap a major marathon in Chester: we’re looking at 11th–13th instead.  We’ll let folk know when we have managed to firm this up.

The George Borrow Society will be having a weekend of talks and events at Chester.  See our Chester 2019 webpage for details.  This will include the Society’s A.G.M.

November 30th, Christmas Meal

This year the Society’s Christmas meal will be held in Warwick: a first as it has no direct link to George Borrow, but will be easier than London for many members to reach.  We have a page on Warwick with an indirect link to Borrow, and the Society’s Committee having met there in March 2019, it comes highly recommended.  We hope to include a visit to the Regimental Museum as well, as the Committee found their meeting there very interesting.

Events in 2020

It was the hope of our former Chair, Dr. Ann Ridler, to hold a Society weekend in Edinburgh, but sadly this did not prove possible before her untimely death.  However, there have been some developments and it’s hoped to have the Society weekend in Edinburgh in 2020.  Details to follow towards the end of 2019.

Book on Lucy Brightwell

Our member Clive Wilkins-Jones is currently writing a book on Lucy Brightwell, a friend of George Borrow, and it’s hoped this will be published in 2019.

Members who gathered for the social meeting in London will have heard Clive give a talk about Lucy and the book promises to be very interesting.