Portrait of George Borrow

Recent and Forthcoming Events

Note that we’re listing not only events put on by the George Borrow Society, but a pick of others that may be of interest to Borrovians.  If you’re interested in any of them please follow the links to get more details.  Members of the Society who are aware of suitable events should email David so they can be added.

With Covid no physical events are taking place in the UK at the moment.  If you’d like to “hang out” with Borrovians online, there’s our Facebook group, and there’s lots of Borrovian material online if you’d like something to read.  See our page on free books and also related sites.


November 10th.

Join a friendly international group on Zoom to discuss a short section of George Borrow’s Wild Wales, about a journey Borrow made in the 1850s.  Tuesday, November 10 (7 pm UK, 2 pm US East, 11 am US West). Discussion will centre on chapters 6–9, beginning in Llangollen. Register at Zoom. See links and electronic editions listed at our website.

If you prefer a bit.ly link for the Zoom registration page, it’s bit.ly/2HVimlt.