Portrait of George Borrow

John Hentges: Readings from George Borrow (CDs)

Those who have had the pleasure of hearing John Hentges give a reading will be delighted to know that has John made a number of CDs of Borrovian readings, and now a music CD!

Elvir Shades

This CD is no longer available.  More details on it’s own page.

The Gibraltar Chapters

This is three (abridged) chapters from The Bible in Spain, covering the period when Borrow visited Gibraltar (2–7 August, 1839).  If you’ve never read or heard Borrow’s amazing book of his travels in Spain, this is certainly a CD to get.  Despite it’s title, the book isn’t religious, and abounds with vivid characters, adventures and incidents.

The cover of the CD The Gibraltar Chapters read by John Hentges

Selected Readings from George Borrow

This CD is an excellent introduction to George Borrow: John reads three passages from Borrow’s semi-autographical book Lavengro:

The Third Book
The Wind on the Heath
The Bruisers of England

And also a set of readings from Borrow’s Wild Wales:

The Ecclesiastical Cat
The Shoemaker of Pontfadoc
Corpse candles
The Turf Tavern
The Holyhead Blessing

The Borrow Translations, Series 1

John reads from a number of George Borrow’s translations.  The translations are often neglected and this is an ideal opportunity to hear some for yourself.

The Borrow Translations, Series 2

. . . There was never a time from his early years of poverty to the days of prosperity on his wife’s estate on Oulton Broad, when he did not desire that these literary efforts of his should be given to the world.  There cannot be a doubt but that he placed them before the books by which he has achieved fame . . .

Bibliographical Note on “Songs of Scandinavia”, Clement Shorter, Editor

CD cover of The Borrow Translations, Series 2, read by John

The CD contains:

Ulf Van Yern
(from Old Danish)


The Morning Walk
(from Modern Danish)

Adam Oehlenschlaeger

A Tale from the Cornish

Nicholas Boson

Sir John
(from Old Danish)


Elvir Hill
(from Old Danish)


Elvir Shades
(from Modern Danish)

Adam Oehlenschlaeger

Scenes from st. Hansaften-Spil
(from Modern Danish)

Adam Oehlenschlaeger

The Cuckoo’s Song in Merion
(from Welsh)

Lewis Morris

Lines to Six-Foot Three

attrib. George Borrow


All of John’s CDs are available directly from John at the address below.  The cost is £10 per CD, or £15 for both Series 1 and Series 2 of the Borrow translations.  UK postage and packing is included; overseas purchasers should add £3 to cover the extra postage costs involved.

John Hentges,
7 Bay Tree Lodge,
Gosport road,
PO14 2RD.

telelphone: 01329 663083

Cheques in UK sterling should be made out to J. HENTGES.