The Translations

George Borrow had a life-long love of translating into English.  His main published translations being:

Faustus, 1825.

Romantic Ballads, 1826

Targum, 1835

The Talisman, 1835

Embéo e Majaró Lucas (The Gypsy Luke), 1837 [1838]

The Sleeping Bard, 1860

The Turkish Jester, 1884

The Death of Balder, 1889 [1892]

A collection of 42 short pamphlets containing George Borrow’s translations was published by Thomas J. Wise in 1913–14.  Few of these are critically edited and although they make some unpublished translations of George Borrow available, they were mainly published in limited numbers to create “First Editions”, Thomas J. Wise being a book collector.

source: George Borrow: A Bibliographical Study