Shrewsbury Weekend, 26–27 October 2018

The George Borrow Society will be having a weekend in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, starting with an informal get together in the Hole-in-the-Wall on Friday 26th October 2018 from 7.30 p.m., then a morning of talks on Saturday, a short guided walk around the town centre, an evening meal in the Lion Hotel, and then a coach-trip to see sights associated with the Borrows on Sunday 27th, ending around 4 p.m.  This includes a visit to Dingle of Lavengro (other dingles are available).  Total cost, including Saturday evening meal, coach trip, gratuities etc., but excluding other meals, is £65 per person.

George Borrow, his wife Mary and step-daughter Henrietta had a long holiday in Shrewsbury, 22 July to November 17, 1857, although George did go off walking Wales for some of it, and unlike their stay in Llangollen, George didn’t write a book about it.  However, Mary kept an account book which still survives and so their daily life there is known in some detail.  Ann’s article, The Borrows in Shrewsbury, Bulletin, No. 38, (Spring 2008) deals with this period.  For those with short memories, Ann will be re-presenting this paper on Saturday morning.

Shrewsbury is a beautiful town, and those who have never been before are in for a real treat.  Plenty of time is available on Saturday afternoon for members to explore the hundreds of ancient buildings, visit their famed market, enjoy their many cafes, antiquarian bookshops etc.

Our draft programme of events is available and we’ve also put together a list of accommodation available in Shrewsbury.

Members should receive details and a booking form in August.  If you are not a member of the Society and would like to join us, your are more than welcome: please contact Tim below:

Tim’s contact details

Getting there

For those coming by train, Shrewsbury has regular direct rail connections to Birmingham, Chester, Crewe, and Wales.  There are a few trains daily to/from London, but generally London involves a change of trains Birmingham International station.  (This is an easier change than Birmingham New Street, lifts are available.)

For those driving Shrewsbury has a large outer ring road, whilst the town centre is relatively small, with limited parking.  Some central hotels do provide parking, and should that not be available there are various smaller car parks with the largest being at Frankwell.  Quite a few roads in the town centre are one way and it’s often necessary to drive some way round to get 100 yards!

Within Shrewsbury itself the buses are a bit hit-and-miss, with services being neither frequent nor regular, they also finish early in the evening.  There are plenty of local taxis though.